Cold risks harvest

Since yesterday evening, temperatures began to fall in Russia and Ukraine and weather forecasters predict several cold nights before the end of this week. In central Ukraine, according to forecasts, the temperature dropped to -11C yesterday and will fall to -20C tomorrow and over the next few nights. A similar situation has developed over the central part of Russia around Kursk, Voronezh and Lipetsk, where -24C was registered last night with a possible cooling down to -26C tomorrow.

Gooseberry "Krasnoslavyansky": characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Gooseberry - one of the most common shrubs in the garden and suburban areas. And, fortunately, there are varieties that can produce great yields, while requiring minimal maintenance. One of such unpretentious, but high-yielding early-middle varieties is the Krasnoslavyansky, which we will tell further about. Breeding history This variety is due to the breeders of the Leningrad Experimental Station: O.

Spring Spring

Chinas spring or sachevichik - a fairly common plant, has special properties. When used incorrectly, the rank becomes poison, but with a reasonable approach to the preparation and use of the syringe, it turns into a drug that can save you from many ills. Let's talk about the peculiarities of this plant and its recipes.

Secrets of growing peppers: seedlings, planting and care, diseases and much more

This popular vegetable crop has more than two thousand species. Its homeland - Central America, it was from there in the 15th century the plant came to Europe, and then got to Russia. Despite the fact that the vegetable is thermophilic and capricious, many are engaged in growing it in their household plots. Features of growing This is a real storehouse of vitamins, thanks to which it is popular all over the world.

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Practical tips on planting cherries

Cherries! Who did not feel her taste on the lips? Not ripe, sweet-sour, flirting, or mature saturated-soft. Plant this tree, and the taste of cherries will never be a thing of the past. In order for the sweet cherry to please us with excellent yields and develop well, you need to complete three small points: choose the right place, be sure to buy seedlings in nurseries or in specialized markets, planting sweet cherries is best done in early spring.

How to plant fruit trees in summer?

Grafting is an ideal way to preserve the valuable varietal qualities of trees and, if it is not possible to replace old plantations, then using this procedure, a quick and inexpensive garden renovation takes place. The essence of the Graft procedure is based on the ability of trees to protect their integrity, possibly due to the cambium - the active substance that is under the bark.

In Ukraine, calves will be otpaivat milk automatically

The agrofirm of a name of Gagarin which is located in the Kharkiv region told about it. The company has already purchased an automatic installation and is already using it, minimizing manual labor. Each calf, which is provided to the survivor, has its own number, according to which the system determines how much milk is needed for it.

Wild bull (wild cows) in nature

Few people think when they see a modern cow, where it came from, and who was its progenitor. Let us consider from which species of animals it originated, and how animals of the species of cattle have changed over the whole time. Tour - the extinct wild ancestor of the domestic cow. All cows and bulls are descended from the already extinct primitive representatives of the wild cattle - the bulls of the tours.

What firewood is better

Before the start of the heating season, private traders purchase wood, paying attention only to the price and appearance of combustible material. For cooking on the nature is used everything that burns, because of which the meat often acquires an unpleasant taste. In this article we will explain why you should pay attention to the properties of a particular wood, what is the difference between hard and soft rocks.

Planting and caring for white acacia

Acacia attracts the attention of summer residents and gardeners with its open-work multi-tiered crown, beautiful flowering and delicate aroma. Many people want to plant such a miracle on their site. By the way, it is quite simple - especially for already experienced summer residents. For those who are new to this business, we offer a complete list of agrotechnical rules for growing white acacia.

Hot Potatoes: A professor at Michigan State University is developing new varieties for the whole world.

As the eating habits develop, the place of potatoes on the dinner table continues to change. New varieties of potatoes are constantly developing professor from Michigan, David Doch. David Doouch, a professor at the Department of Plant, Soil and Microbe Science and Director of the Potato Breeding and Genetics Program at the University of Michigan (MSU), was at the forefront of the potato change process.

We grow wolfberry on the site

Wanting to give a unique view to the summer cottage, many gardeners pay a lot of attention to its design (in particular, the fence). For such purposes, strong and unpretentious shrubs are best suited. In this regard, you can hear such a name as Daphne, and what kind of plant - read the review. Description of the plant Other names - wolf's bast and daphne.

What are chickens with shaggy paws: breed, description, photo

In modern poultry farming, thanks to breeding work, there are many different types of chickens. Birds with shaggy paws are very popular, because the characteristic "pants" give the bird an extraordinary look. In addition to visual appeal, shaggy birds are notable for excellent frost resistance, and many of them are best carried in the winter.